Track Premiere: Black Howling – ‘Celestial Syntropy’

Beginning in 2003 all the way up until 2012, Black Howling’s output of black metal torment ran prolific and strong. The Lisbon-based duo put out something like 8 demos, 9 splits, and 4 full-lengths over the course of 9 years—before going totally silent in 2012. Then, in 2015, another full-length fell from the shadows. But nothing more after that.

Until now . . . Like clockwork, after three years’ time, we have an another impending full length from the Portuguese black sorcerers.

“Celestial Syntropy” is the second of the four tracks that comprise the new album from Black Howling. Called Return of Primordial Stillness, the album looms with a permanence as if it has always been there, and “Celestial Syntropy” is the moment when it all really gets going.

Quote the band: “The album was based upon ideas of self-transformation and the idea of becoming your full potential through pain, suffering, and hatred while recognizing our origins as human beings. It’s a very philosophical album in the sense that we all share the same volatility in life and towards the end we will become nothing except for our legacy as individuals.”

Get Return of Primordial Stillness July 27th from Signal Rex.