Full EP Stream: Backslider – “Death Residue”

Philadelphia powerviolence trio Backslider are back with a brand new EP, Death Residue, which will be released in June on Nerve Altar records. The new EP builds off the effort of 2016’s Motherfucker, an album which saw the group begin to fully embrace the grunge and alt-metal aspects that always had played as an undercurrent to their studio recordings. Death Residue features plenty of the band’s patented ‘skronk’ as well as their usual reverb drenched vocals and even some cock-rock swagger.

“With this EP, we wanted to document the ‘growing pains’ of starting this journey with Jake (Creggar, bassist); getting a feel for the way we all grind and groove together,” Backslider tell Decibel. “The results are [a] more cohesive and natural feeling than we could’ve imagined. We never had any doubt that he was a right fit, we just didn’t expect for the songs to progress so rapidly. I think it’s equal parts intention and happy accident. As the songs naturally lost their more hazy, stoned qualities, I think we collectively agreed to leave that shit in the past and let other bands handle that arena. We wanna brutalize people in a way that we haven’t really done before, just fucking steamroll everyone. You don’t (necessarily) have to blast or slow things to a crawl to be brutal or intense. That being said, we’re deep in the works of an LP where the blasts will inevitably make a return, but we wanted to put something out sooner than later to let y’all know we’re still crushing posers.”

Purchase Death Residue through Nerve Altar.