Full Album Stream: Stortregn – “Emptiness Fills the Void”

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (just kidding, it was the Decibel site in 2015), a list of the top five Dissection clones materialized. Number four was Swiss group Stortregn, who are back with a new album, Emptiness Fills the Void. Fans of their previous releases, including 2016’s Singularity and 2013’s Evocation of Light, won’t be disappointed. Stortregn haven’t changed much, except to develop a higher degree of mastery over their band of melodic black/death metal.

Decibel has received an exclusive stream of Emptiness Fills the Void, as well as a statement from the band. Non Serviam Records will release the album tomorrow.

“We’ve been working on this album for some time now, and it is with great pride that we release it. We pushed our limits further during the composition process and the result is a piece of work where each knob has been turned up to the maximum. Each member has a different musical background, and the range and depth of the riffs, rhythms and sound of this record serve as a testament of this variety. As a whole, the listener can expect a blend black and death metal, with a hint of old school heavy metal with a contemporary twist to it. Get ready. Charging riffs, blast beats and furious vocals will fill your head and shred your brain to pieces…and you’ll beg for more!”