Full Album Stream: Melan Selas – “Reon”

Melan Selas formed only two years ago, but, judging from the songs on Reon, this duo draw their inspiration from some deep and ancient wellspring. Although, Melan Selas are not your typical Hellenic black metal band. Not only does the voice of Astraea – Oletir, Melan Selas’ vocalist, set them apart, whether she’s giving vent to her demons, or bewitching listeners with her singing voice, but the music of Melas Selas has an abundance of that otherworldly quality that Hellenic black metal bands always seem to possess. But Melan Selas’ Reon runneth over with that entrancing and timeless simplicity.

Orchestral, martial, evil, and simply fantastic, Melan Selas’ debut full length compiles their first eponymous EP plus two longer tracks to make for one of the most interesting records of the year.

We are MELAN SELAS and we are proud to announce our first vinyl release Ρέον, by Iron Bonehead Productions,” says the band. Bound to our oath, blood is pouring endlessly. Join us in our journey . . .

Melan Selas – Reon

Get Reon this Friday from Iron Bonehead.