Exclusive Premiere: Occult Burial – ‘Skeletal Laughter’ 7”

As Occult Burial prepare to unleash black thrash mayhem on American cities, we here at Decibel feel privileged to bring you this exclusive stream of the Canadian trio’s brand new single, Skeletal Laughter. With only a few demos and one full length under their bullet belts, Occult Burial have nevertheless made a name for themselves in the underground as a band capable of resurrecting the grimy ardor of black thrash yore without seeming like they’re trying too hard to cop a vintage sound. When these guys whip out a blackened heavy metal riff, it feels natural, as if they were damned to do it.

Starting this Thursday in Pittsburgh, Occult Burial will embark on their US tour with fellow Canadian night thrashers Blackrat. Among other articles of crucial merchandise, Occult Burial will have copies of their new single, which features two tracks from their forthcoming full length due out on Invictus (in Europe) and Electric Assault Records/Stygian Black Hand (stateside) later this year.

“We made the Skeletal Laughter single in anticipation of our sophomore record that we’ll announce later this summer,” says Joel Thomas, bassist/vocalist of Occult Burial. “We’ve been playing the song for a few years, in Canada and in Europe, and it’s become a fan favourite. Finally we’ve committed it to wax for everyone’s morbid enjoyment. Along with the B-side, “Temple of Mutants,” this single is a good representation of where we are now as a band in comparison with the first album, Hideous Obscure. Same spirit, but with amped-up riffs and intensity, also a way more robust production.

“Now that the ice has thawed and we’ve been loosened from the grip of Canadian winter, we’ll be visiting the American Northeast, eager to play our savage offerings to audiences old and new. Join us and revel in the eternal sounds of evil delight or fuck off forever.”

Skeletal Laughter

Get copies of Skeletal Laughter from the band on their tour with Blackrat. For post-tour stragglers, try checking Electric Assault Records.