Track Premiere: Grimorium Verum – “The Kingdom of Pain”

The Syktyvkar-based duo Grimorium Verum first took up the banner of Russian symphonic black metal in 1996. After a brief hiatus in the early 2000s, they reformed in 2006, releasing their first full length two years later. Since reforming, Andy Felon and vocalist Roma Diamond have unflaggingly held their standard high above most of their peers. Now, twelve years since resurrecting the band, Grimorium Verum return with their fourth full length album, Revenant.

To demonstrate the power of what Revenant has to offer fans of arcane symphonic black metal, we’re excited to present this exclusive stream of one of the strongest tracks from the album. Here is . . .

“The Kingdom of Pain”

Get Revenant May 5th from Symbol Of Domination.