Watch: Ahtme – ‘Subservient’

Feast your eyes and ears on a new song from Kansas City tech death crushers Ahtme‘s new album Sewerborn. Musically, “Subservient,” is a steamroller of groovy, technical playing. Visually, it crosses between a standard live footage video and the messiest dinner you’ve ever witnessed.

According to the band, that wasn’t their original intention for the video, but we’re glad that’s what it became.

“‘Subservient’ is one of our favorite tracks off of this album, so when it came time to do the video for it, we really wanted to create something that embodied the lyrics and overall tone of the song perfectly. Then we scrapped that idea and spent our whole budget on fast food, hot dogs and other things that make you vomit and wound up making a video that more accurately represents the vibe of the album in its entirety [rather] than any one particular song. We can’t wait to share this album with everyone, and we’re happy to give you your first little taste of it with this video for ‘Subservient.’ Bon appetit!”

Sewerborn will be released June 1 on Unique Leader.