Track Premiere: The Lion’s Daughter ‘Die Into Us’

Lion's Daughter

The Lion’s Daughter are blur genres. The St. Louis-based trio pull in influences from black metal, post-black metal, sludge, doom, and death metal. As well as horror movie soundtracks from the ’70s and ’80s. This melange of genres created a frightening landscape on debut album, Existence is Horror. Two years later, the River City denizens have returned with new album Future Cult and new track “Die Into Us.” The same splicing of genres related but not is happening on Future Cult. But guitarist/vocalist Rick Giordano, drummer Erik Ramsier, and bassist Scott Fogelbach have re-tuned their Frankenstein monster of sound, focused its energy, empowered its spirit, and emboldened it sonic palette to convey not just the future unwanted but likely the future ahead. That we’re all destined for destruction, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Giordano confirms our suspicions, in fact: “‘Die into Us’ is a fitting debut track because it fully encompasses all that awaits within Future Cult. The sound exemplifies the partnership of the harsh and harrowing post-black metal featured on our previous releases with the creeping synthesizers of the ’70s and ’80s horror and sci-fi soundtracks that dominate our turntables. Thematically, it envisions a post-apocalyptic world where a person is destroyed from the inside out and forced to become something else. The new God, the new animal, the new cult of desolation and terror… the new hopelessness.”

Sounds cheery. And with that… here’s The Lion’s Daughter with ‘Die Into Us.’ The post-apocalypse never sounded so, well…Plissken.

** The Lion’s Daughter’s new album, Future Cult, is out July 20th on Season of Mist. Pre-orders for the proverbial mind-fuck are HERE. Double-dog dare you!