Track Premiere: Funerary Descent – ‘Eternal War Ov The Eclipsing Sun’

Funerary Descent are an obscure black doom duo from Maryland whose new tape will be released this Friday from Fólkvangr Records. By combining equal parts funeral doom, dark ambient, and soulreaving black metal, Funerary Descent conjure a heady and heart-withering mix of despair, horror, and visions of utter desolation. Despite the duo’s humble beginnings, the combined dark energies of Dread (guitars/vocals) and Blind (bass/vocals) remain much the same as they were five years ago when they released their self-titled demo tape. With their third tape, Ov Chasms Beyond, Funerary Descent may have matured and honed their craft significantly, but the pitch black core of their work remains, immortal and hardened to obsidian.

“This song comes from a variety of influences and sources,” says Dread. “The most prominent influence is our love of fantasy and fantasy-themed bands such as Summoning, Caladan Brood, and others. We don’t share many similarities with these bands so we felt that if we were going to honor them we would have to do it our own way. The second influence for this song comes from my love and participation in some raw, old school black metal. Bands like Moonblood, Vlad Tepes, Judas Iscariot . . . We were able to take the themes of epic black metal and combine it with our own brand of dark, foreboding atmosphere.”

“Eternal War Ov The Eclipsing Sun”

Get Ov Chasms Beyond this Friday from Fólkvangr Records.