Track Premiere: Abhor – ‘Demons Forged from the Smoke’

From Iron Bonehead Prod. comes Abhor’s seventh album, Occulta religiO. Buried these past three years, the long-reigning Italian black metal occultists have returned with an album that smokes like a swinging censer in the bewildering procession unto this subverted mass. Seven tracks long, built on sanguine and incredibly energetic riffs, draped in bloodchilling organs, and haunted with croaking demon-frog death vocals, get ready to fall under the potent spell of Occulta religiO.

We are hereby complicit then, as we’ve been charged with debuting this exclusive premiere of “Demons Forged from the Smoke,” the fourth track from Occulta religiO.

“That song is just so epically majestic in all its structure,” says Kvasir. “Take just the first riff for instance, which reminds of Black Sabbath seasoned with classic Italian Doom Mysticism, then forward to a ball-crushing death metal part before twisting back to the ’80s with a gorgeous [Claudio] Simonetti payoff . . . It’s like the best of dark/extreme music put into 1 song . . . What the hell do you want more?! . . . And the Demons were forged from the smoke!”

Abhor –  “Demons Forged from the Smoke”

Get Occulta religiO May 25th on CD, LP, and cassette tape.