Demo:listen: Sadomagickal Seducer

This week Demo:listen returns with Montreal’s depraved and dangerous Sadomagickal Seducer.

We’ve got some real filth for you on this Friday the 13th edition of Demo:listen. From somewhere deep in the Montreal underground comes this smutmongering quartet calling themselves Sadomagickal Seducer. Released only last Friday, Sadomagickal Seducer’s demo, Testicular Torture, is a titillating journey into the debased minds of guitarist/bassist/death-growler Turbo Sodomizer (AKA C.B. of Shezmu, Pénombre, etc.) and his three bandmates.

“Momma’s Boy [the drummer of Sadomagickal Seducer] and I had been talking about forming a bass-driven/synth-driven project for a while,” says Turbo Sodomizer. “Something metal, yet punk, yet doom or noise…  Something ‘over-the-top’ with alias names, provocative themes and costumes. The whole ‘cheesy’ yet filthy gimmick.”

With the addition of vocalist The Seducer and keyboardist/backing vocalist Mistress Angelslut, that fantasy became a reality. All they needed was a name. And the moniker Sadomagickal Seducer, lovely mouthful that it is, came about randomly, according to T. Sodomizer, who says once the band knew they would “exploit sexual themes,” it was the only name that made sense.

After some synth gurgling and some haunting keys drift around like motes in the harsh light of your sudden awareness that you may be in a little over your head, Testicular Torture slams open like the heaviest track Liars never recorded—also there’s a woman taunting you. “Possession Erotica” then strips off that layer to reveal a streetwalking black metal rocker like something you’d sooner expect to hear blasting from an Abigail rehearsal tape.

For all its genre coupling and experimentation, Testicular Torture has a unique yet surprisingly focused sound. The riffs range from primitive punk stomp to chain-swinging, badass black metal to something like Perverted Ceremony in a tutu and smeared makeup. At any given moment you can expect to be assaulted by three types of extreme vocals, smothering tremolo riffs, doomed riffage demanding immediate genuflection, and/or unnerving synthwork. Testicular Torture succeeds so hard because not only is it uncompromising, but it legitimately gets better with every listen.

And it all came to T. Sodomizer during a single “sleepless night.” He says: “It took around twelve hours to write and record the bass and guitar. Synths parts were done afterwards with the help of Mistress Angelslut. From there we just kept adding layers and layers of filth into our songs . . .”

Sodomizer says he produced Testicular Torture in much the same way that he recorded and produced Pénombre’s demo. To achieve the smutty and freakishly ominous atmosphere, he merely employed “massive amounts of distortion and reverb.”

The rest is just sexual urges and depraved fantasies set to music. Take the two-part song seated in the middle of the demo, “Worship at the Urinal Sabbath,” for instance. T. Sodomizer explains that this epic slab of pornographic blackened death-doom bedlam was influenced by “a peculiar show goer.”

“He had a button down shirt with a cow-patterned hat, and he was high as a kite,” he says. “We theorize that he had some secrets about the very meaning of life and happiness. After some discussion about what it could be, we came to a conclusion: The real ecstasy is simply to ‘teabag’ a urinal puck to get that minty freshness between your legs. That’s how we came up with the ‘Couille sua puck’ line, literally ‘Balls on the puck.’”

As for the demo’s NSFW cover art, T. Sodomizer says: “Dressing up and exploring concepts are always fun! Being long-term friends, everything went down as a party-like atmosphere.”

Of course, many were triggered by the demo cover. T. Sodomizer says he was “not surprised at all.”

“I thought it would take a little bit more time for people to get triggered. Not even 30 seconds after I posted the album on Instagram, someone took my picture down. It was basically a victory for us, hehe. I guess some people can’t handle a bit of nudity these days.”

Those who don’t balk at the cover will be delighted to learn that soon they can hold it in their hands, and in LP format! Sadomagickal Seducer’s Bandcamp reveals that Testicular Torture will soon be out on Crypt of the Wizard.

“Charlie from Crypt of the Wizard wrote to me after an announcement I made online. He listened to the demo and loved it right away. With COTW being somewhat eclectic, it is the perfect label for us. With a band like GHOLD and Knight Terror on the same roster, we knew they were down with diversity. As for the release date, we are still waiting on the pressing plant for a release date, everything should be announced soon. Make sure to follow COTW for more info about the release. A tape deal is also in the works, but that will come out after the MLP.”

As for the future, Sadomagickal Seducer say for now they’re enjoying the “fresh record,” but are looking “to find another demented band for a split.”

Now, sit back, try to relax, and remember: Testicular Torture can be great fun between consenting adults.