Watch: Heads. – ‘Wolves at the Door’

Post-punk/noise rock trio Heads. have captured tangible feelings of gloom and depression with their video for “Wolves at the Door.” The song and related video feel expansive and lonely, shots of expansive fields, rooms and highways matching the restrained vocal delivery and slow, slightly sludgy guitars.

“‘Wolves At The Door’ is the sister song to ‘Last Gasp Shout,’ also on the record,” Heads. tell Decibel. “Both of these songs are the story of a torment, driven through the desert, told from the perspective of two different characters on the ride. The video for ‘Wolves At The Door’ was made by Henrik Eichmann, we shot it together over 2 long days at the end of winter in Germany – first in Rangsdorf, which is an abandoned Soviet airport near Berlin – and then back in Berlin at Tiefgrund, which is one of our favorite venues here. Henrik used a lot of mirrors and projections to get some unique shots with the band, and he’s done an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the song in this video.“

Collider is out 5/4 on Corpseflower Records.