Laugh Tracks: Anthony Devito

Welcome to Laugh Tracks, a new featured series where I send nationally touring comedians some of my all time favorite metal/punk songs and see what their thoughts are. First up we have Anthony Devito. Anthony is an NYC-based stand-up comic who has appeared on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party and was one of the “fresh faces” at the 2012 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. His debut album Dream Occupation is available on Comedy Central Records.

“Salt Mine”
Misery Index

Anthony: Loved it. Sounded like two demons trying to decide on a restaurant. Also, the band’s name is the most metal way to say “tossing a salad.”

“El Monte De Las Animas”
In The Side of Eternal Eclipse

Anthony: This is what gargoyles listen to before going out drinking. The song is fast and relentless. I’ve never done meth. But, after hearing it, maybe I have.

“Pig Funeral”
Vermin Prolificus

Anthony: Love the bass. Love the title “Pig Funeral.” I could see this song being played at the wedding of an ECW wrestler whose name is also “Pig Funeral.” It’s an awesome song. They probably intended it for something hard but I’ll be listening to it so I can run faster on an elliptical.

“Wilma’s Rainbow”

Anthony: The song is called “Wilma’s Rainbow.” I imagine at the end of it isn’t a pot of gold but a bucket of nails. So far this the only vocalist I can understand. So, I guess it’s more folk metal. Something to play at a dinner party, if all your guests are vampire hunters.

Mercyful Fate
“A Dangerous Meeting”
Don’t Break The Oath

Anthony: If the devil had a basketball team this is what they’d come out to: “At guard, from the seventh gate of hell, Balberith.” Also, could be the national anthem for fisting.

Coal Chamber
“Big Truck”
Coal Chamber

Anthony: Another great one. Started off quiet, then really kicked in. It’d be hard to hear this song, then not believe in Satan. And, not believe he’s the one true God. For he is. Lucifer, our savior! All hail!

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