Track Premiere: Cardiac Arrest ‘Professional Victim’

Cardiac Arrest

Born in 1997, but officially active–via two EPs and a demo–in the early aughts, Chicago-based death metallers Cardiac Arrest are paving the way for a return to 1993. Certainly, fans of thick, meaty death metal–think: Obituary, Banished, or Autopsy–would agree that the Adam Scott-led quartet are more about brutality, groove, and tradition than trying to be futuristic, overtly tech, and forward-thinking. Not to say Cardiac Arrest take the cro-magnon approach to death metal, but new track “Professional Victim,” off new album, A Parallel Dimension of Despair, isn’t going to win calculus competitions. Rather, “Professional Victim” sets off with clear intent: to ravage unequivocally.

Says Scott to Tough Riffs: “I personally wasn’t around when it started, but one thing I’ve noticed since I was a teenager is things always come in circles. Whatever was popular five or six years ago will probably be coming back around again, of course the younger generations will always want to see said fads again. But the tried and true never go away.”

Indeed! Blood-thirsty fans of Obituary, Asphyx, Massacre, Benediction, Autopsy, and Cianide raise your axes! It’s time to kill with Cardiac Arrest!

** Cardiac Arrest’s new album, A Parallel Dimension of Despair, is out April 23rd, 2018 on Memento Mori. Pre-orders are not up yet, but visit Memento Mori’s website for more details HERE. Unless you don’t like death metal. Visit Cardiac Arrest on Facebook (HERE).