Track Premiere: Deiquisitor – “Planetary Devastation”

Two years ago, the Danish trio known as Deiquisitor released their eponymous debut full length. Although Deiquisitor were still an obscure band then, everyone who found themselves within the crushing sonic field of the Danes’ debut album were reduced to smithereens only survived to sing the praises of their destroyers. Now the trio prepares to unleash their follow-up full length, Downfall of the Apostates. While some now have some idea of what to expect from this camp, there’s really no preparing for the sheer devastation that comes on when you press ‘play.’

With disturbing and nightmarish cover art once again provided by MFJørg, who also illustrated the cover for Deiquisitor’s debut, Downfall of the Apostates catches the eye as something both intriguing and innovative. Focused, as ever, on the occult and the extraterrestrial, Downfall of the Apostates also shows the trio’s versatility without sacrificing any brutality whatsoever. No doubt, Downfall of the Apostates is bound to be the dark crusher of the year.

To demonstrate the power of Deiquisitor’s new album, we’ve secured an exclusive stream of the penultimate track from Downfall of the Apostates.

“This is the best production we’ve had to date and we are all proud of the new album as it captures exactly what the band is about,” says DA, bassist and vocalist of Deiquisitor. “This new album is everything brutal death metal has been missing since the early 90s. We have put our very soul in to it.  Almost two years of relentless rehearsing to record the album we wanted! And it’s what we got on Downfall of the Apostates.”

Featuring guest vocals from S.D. of Phrenelith, this is “Planetary Devastation” from Downfall of the Apostates.

Get Downfall of the Apostates April 23rd from Dark Descent.