Track Premiere: Nigredo – “Sons of Worthlessness”

On “Sons of Worthlessness” Nigredo effortlessly blend top-shelf modern black metal, crusty D-beat bashing, and subtle nods to Slayer and early Sepultura — a level of nihilistic-yet-evolutionary drive the mysterious Athens power duo improbably maintains and expands upon throughout its brilliantly executed, pitch-dark forthcoming full-length Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced.

And, according to the band, it’s not without a little help from some unusual friends.

“Saturnian forces rule over the Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced album and so, as the title implies, one should expect both physical extremity and mental violence manifested,” Nigredo tells Decibel. “Driven by our abstract vision of material and mental dissolution, we erased all traces of positiveness from the album’s content so rejoice in the collapse of all known things through feelings of total negativity and anguish.”

Check out our exclusive stream below.

Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced is out April 15 via Transcending Obscurity.