Watch: Beneath Oblivion – “The Wayward and the Lost”

Midwest funeral doombearers Beneath Oblivion release their third and most devastating album today via Weird Truth. Named The Wayward and the Lost, and recorded by Billy Anderson, Beneath Oblivion’s latest album is over an hour of enervating melancholic dirges and pained melodies. And the video for its title track, coupled with the bleak and breath-taking visuals, is the perfect encapsulation of everything The Wayward and the Lost stands—and slowly erodes and crumbles—for.

Says Scotty T. Simpson, guitarist and vocalist of Beneath Oblivion: “This record The Wayward and the Lost is released today, the doomiest (is that a word?) and heaviest to date. Here’s a video for the title track of the album my bud Jason Nix from Grey Host, and I shot in several abandoned buildings around Cincinnati, Ohio, and some of it in my garage using a lot of camera tricks from our favorite independent/b-horror films. Give up on everything, and get comfortable because it’s 12 minutes long, and that’s an eternity in this day and age for most attention spans.”

Get The Wayward and the Lost today from Weird Truth Productions.