Full Album Stream: Morbosidad – ‘Corona de Epidemia’

Since 1993, Morbosidad have reigned in blasphemous aural carnage. Now, twenty-five years in, and the West Coast bestial warmongers rip stronger and more vicious than ever. Morbosidad’s new album, Corona de Epidemia, arrives rife with bloodshot rage, murderously-charged riffs and battery, and unabashed Satanic exultation.

Regarding his band’s fifth album, Morbosisdad’s vocalist Thomas Stench says, “Album [Corona de Epidemia] was recorded on a difficult time, due to my father being at the death’s door. Plus we did not have time that much time to get together and get it done sooner. After all,  I think the album turn out good, we are satisfied with the results. Enjoy it, play it out loud and let the Morboso Metal run through your veins.”

Corona de Epidemia is available on CD and LP formats March 15th.