Full Album Stream: Alterbeast – ‘Feast’

Northern California’s Alterbeast quickly cemented themselves as one of the most powerful forces in technical death metal when they released their debut album, Immortal, in 2014. Four years later, the band have returned for Feast, proving that Immortal was no fluke.

Alterbeast play each note, riff and solo with complete precision, yet the sound on Feast isn’t sterilized or robotic. The guitars are still dirty, the drums still human, the vocals still raw and angry. You can hear for yourself with an exclusive stream of the album below.

Guitarist Andrew Lamb also took Decibel through the album track by track. Though it’s written in the third person, you can trust that it comes from him. Find more information through Unique Leader.

1) Welcome To Your Doom
The opening track off Feast comes in swinging with nonstop lethal shred in ‘Tech Dahlia Murder’ fashion! Preparing you for the oncoming onslaught that is Feast! Lyrics cover the story of the band thus far, and are chock full of Altered Beast, werewolf, and wolf references. A vicious start to a vicious record. Welcome To Your Doom does just that.

2) The Maggots Ascension
Part 2 of “Throne of Maggots” (from Alterbeast’s 2014 debut album Immortal), the second song off Feast plunges you into a straight up beatdown frenzy! Get your ears pulverized by the relentless blasts, dive bombs, gang vocals, and raw intensity that Alterbeast is known for. “The Maggots Ascension” reminds everyone why the riff is king.

3) Black Flame Illumination
Alterbeast showcases again and again that they can write a catchy song. “Black Flame Illumination” will take you on a melodic journey with a detour to destination Get Rekt! Alterbeast gives you both sides of the coin on this one; melodic hooks and tough as nails riffs!

4) Feast
The title track off Feast goes right for the jugular! Filled with crushing guitars and bass, drums that are beyond brutal, as well as grind and thrash influenced vocals. This track is guaranteed to cut like a hammer!

5) Vile Skin Possession
Alterbeast knows how to make a memorable riff, and “Vile Skin Possession” is by no means an exception to this. Haunting vocals, triumphant verses, and shredding leads; this song will possess you to bang your head!

6) Apex Night Eclipse
Hard hitting, relentless riffing, and vocals that will leave every church in flames. Alterbeast denies Christ with every note of “Apex Night Eclipse.” Toss your Ouija Boards in the garbage, because this blasphemous hymn is guaranteed to summon the Devil!

7) Coffin Crescendo
The Beast really drives the coffin nail home on “Coffin Crescendo!” Filled with fist pumping drums, face melting guitars, and leads that will send you down the River Styx! Alterbeast will leave you asking “What does the afterlife have in store for me?” Let “Coffin Crescendo send you 6 feet below and find out!

8) Where Dead Angels Lie (Dissection Cover)
It could easily be argued that without bands like Dissection, there would be no bands like Alterbeast. So it’s no surprise they would pay homage to one of the greatest black metal bands ever. Alterbeasts’ rendition of “Where Dead Angels Lie” is executed in true Alterbeast fashion; enough shred and punishment for the new generation of metal heads, and cvlt enough for even the most discerning of black metal fans!

9) Upon The Face Of The Deep
The final track off Feast is possibly the most melodic song Alterbeast has ever written. We threw everything and the kitchen sink at this one; epic riffs, aggressive drums, amazing vocals, and leads that will re-set the bar for what people will expect from Alterbeast forever after. “Upon The Face Of The Deep” could possibly be the biggest baddest wolf Alterbeast has ever created.