Full Album Stream: Hammr – “Unholy Destruction”

Fans of Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, and early Bathory absolutely must check out Cleveland’s latest hellraiser, Hammr. Formed in 2013, Hammr officially started releasing demos under that banner two years later with their now-cult self-titled cassette demo EP. Thus, J. Hammer, the speed metal maniac behind Hammr, sharpened his chops and honed his songwriting skills in the deep underground before unleashing them to wreak unholy havoc on the world.

The result of his time spent below speaks for itself, but we’ll spell it out for you anyway. Unholy Destruction is thirty-plus minutes of predatory riffs racing abreast an unrelenting cyclone of d-beats, full of recklessness and rancor. Not to mention the array of solos provided by Commander Vanik (of Midnight) that you can expect to lash and stripe your unworthy flesh.

Hammr might come out of nowhere, but Unholy Destruction leaves a lasting impression like a brand on the forehead. This day you will be marked with the sign of the Hammr! 

Says J. Hammer: “It’s great to see Unholy Destruction out and in the hands of heathens all over the place. I’m really happy with songs, art, the whole package. Look out for HAMMR live assaults!”

Out this Friday on all formats from—who else but—Hells Headbangers, this is Hammr’s Unholy Destruction: