Full Album Stream: VoidCeremony – “Foul Origins of Humanity”

VoidCeremony’s new opus Foul Originis of Humanity is a welcome surprise for those who have followed the band since their 2014 demo tape, or even its 2015 follow-up. Those who strained their ears to hear the brilliance amid the lo-fi murk will be rewarded for their efforts with Foul Origins of Humanity. While VoidCeremony’s first two releases were crucial to the band’s journey toward becoming the powerhouse that you’ll hear on this record—no doubt—, it is nonetheless a remarkable thing finally to hear everything this duo is capable of pulling off.

Foul Origins of Humanity is three songs of deranged death metal executed with a frenzied precision to make your head spin.

Says Wandering Mind, one-half of Void Ceremony: “Foul Origins of Humanity reignited the band’s flame. It was created at a fucked up time in my life and recorded at an even more fucked up point. Catch us on tour this July up the US West Coast, and keep your eyes ripped open for the full-length album, planned to be recorded in Summer or Fall.”

Available this Friday on CD and 12” vinyl from Blood Harvest, this is Foul Origins of Humanity.