Full Album Stream: Ruin – “Plague Transmissions: Vol. I”

California’s Ruin dwell in relative obscurity, with little being known about the band except that they were active from 1990 to 1991 and then disbanded until 2015 when they returned in an extremely prolific way. According to a press release about the band, it was due to the incarceration and institutionalization of various band members. Regardless of why, Horror Pain Gore Death has wrangled the band’s various releases and compiled them in a fourteen-track release called Plague Transmissions: Vol. I. 

Showcasing the band’s filthy variant of death metal, Plague Transmissions will beg questions about the band that, at least for now, will remain unanswered but the compilation is a fine substitute for answers.

“This piece of shit was made because people wanted the first collection of ‘songs’ in one release,” band member M says. “Underground maniacs still want compact discs, so it is killer to be working with HPGD Productions and Blood Harvest Records to get this out there to those maniacs!”

Stream Plague Transmissions below and acquire it via HPGD at this link.