Obnoxious Noise Fest Set to Devastate the Empire State

Long Island: the oft-forgotten sixth borough of the city that never sleeps (or eats, or showers). The good ‘ole LI is never mentioned in any Jay-Z song but one thing it has going for it that the rest of New York City does not is a strong metal/hardcore scene. “But what about Brooklyn?” you may shout over your PBR but ah ha, joke’s on you: Brooklyn technically is part of Long Island!

Either way, long-time scene veteran Tom Mcarthy and his partner Kristen Keegan have been running shows out on the LI for the past few years and have put all their resources together to create a metal festival of their very own, Obnoxious Noise Fest, being held at the Amityville Music Hall on February 23rd-25th. As far as festival lineups go, this one is absolutely stacked: Pig Destroyer, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Architect, No Zodiac, Artificial Brain and a reunion performance from long-defunct metalcore act Skycamefalling.

“The lineup was inspired by our collaborative bucket list of bands, present and past that we’d love to bring to Long Island,” says Keegan, which probably explains the festival’s unique blend of death metal and hardcore acts on one stage.

“We’re happy to not only be able to bring headline acts to the stage but also to showcase some of the most noteworthy local bands like Sanction, Blame God and Locus Mortis,” adds Keegan, “We’re all about putting show-goers onto new talent.”

The full lineup and ticket info are available on Obnoxious Noise Fest’s official website. Get your mosh on and maybe even break some hearts in the pit later this month.