Track Premiere: Veiled – ‘Enshrouded’

Veiled is the more advanced form of this USBM act’s former incarnation, Gnosis of the Witch. After releasing a more-than-promising demo in 2015 (also released by IBP), Veiled rise from the shadows of former obscurity with six sprawling tracks of captivating black metal. Featuring Veiled’s new drummer, “Dimman” (Grá, Cursed 13) and bassist Heljarmaðr (Dark Funeral), Black Celestial Orbs is a complex and fully realized universe constructed from seemingly simple pieces. Recorded at The Grey Studios in Sweden, yet Black Celestial Orbs is as outré as its title suggests.

“‘Enshrouded’ is an interesting song because it has the fewest lyrics on the album, but I feel it has the most to say,” says guitarist/bassist/vocalist, Niðafjöll. “Lyrically, ‘Enshrouded’ is about the sheer power and unbelievable magnitude of a dying star written under the umbrella of a LHP perspective. Life is born, it burns, it dies, and becomes nothing within nothingness. The great black emptiness swallows whole what once was. The song itself is was inspired by a mix of Katatonia and Burzum riffs that became this mid-tempo journey of melancholy.”

This is “Enshrouded” from Black Celestial Orbs, available March 16th on CD and LP formats from Iron Bonehead Productions.