For Those About to Squawk: Harm’s Way, The Atlas Moth, Corrupted

Czech it out! Your boy Waldo here, reviewing some upcoming releases!

Harm’s Way will be releasing the brutal Posthuman on Metal Blade. So, this will be one that people will be on the fence about.  Harm’s Way started out as more of a punk/powerviolence band and eventually progressed more into a metallic hardcore band. This picks up where 2015’s Rust left off, but what does it sound like? First to note is that James Pligge may be the best vocalist in hardcore right now. Posthuman is a nasty piece of work, that both grooves and contains some elements of sludge and deathgrind. As far as a hardcore record goes, there are some tracks that make a nod to the band’s earlier works and as an overall all package this doesn’t seem as “samey” as many hardcore records. So, in summary, “true” fans of this band may not get or like this, but this is a solid, heavy record that exudes passion and honesty.  8 Fucking Pecks.

Can you believe it’s been 4 years? The Atlas Moth couldn’t, so they are putting out Coma Noir on Prosthetic… So, The Atlas Moth is a hard one to pin down; they definitely have their own sound and kinda do their own thing. The first thing to note is that Coma Noir is WAY more aggressive than any previous effort, and is definitely NOT a flat sounding record. The guitars are loud, the drumming is great and the vocals are unique. This has elements of black metal, industrial, some noise rock and the psychedelia that they’ve been known for. So, if you’re sick of run of the mill records and same old same old bands, Coma Noir is for you. Peck this one out 7 Fucking Pecks.

Wow, just wow. Weird Japanese doomsters Corrupted are back and just like anything they’ve ever done, Felicific Algorithm is beaking PUNISHING. To call this band simply doom isn’t really fair; it’s painful to listen to Corrupted as there is an element of claustrophobia that’s not present in a lot of doom. So, what does this sound like? It’s slow, but there really is no words to describe HOW slow Corrupted are… this is awash in feedback and sonic violence. This is awesome! 9 Fucking Pecks.

I couldn’t find a link to Felicific Algorithm, but here’s El Mundo Frio…

Just a heads up, I missed a GREAT release last time.  Mammoth Grinder ripped it the peck out and released Cosmic Crypt and it’s BAD ASS. Peck this thing out!