Split LP Stream: My Minds Mine and Sick of Stupidity

Barrelling out of the Netherlands like a cyclonic whirlwind of salutation to the days when Earache released its shit on flexi-disc comes Rotterdam’s Sick of Stupidity and, Friesland-based blasters, My Minds Mine who prefer the tag “666 BPM grindcore.” The latter have, within the last couple of years, returned from a hiatus and have a history dating back to 1995 with a discography that includes a couple full-lengths and various splits with likes of Unholy Grave and Head Hits Concrete. The former are relative newcomers, having formed in 2015, but have focused on touring, having torn across Europe, the US and Asia in the process. Cue the below photo of the “flip-flop grinders” in Indonesia.

Forthcoming from Poland’s prolific Everydayhate Records is a split featuring said bands, a stream of which we present for your circle-pitting and hardcore jumping pleasure this morning. Additionally, in the never-ending quest to find other people to do my job for me, I asked each band to submit a comment about its counterpart. Here’s what they had to say.

“Tornado drums and whirlwind guitar-riffs covered with total hysterical screams. Everyone who has seen Sick of Stupidity live knows what to expect: six blasting powerviolence grindcore hits from hell!” -Shantia Fardin (guitar, My Minds Mine, the dude holding the beer)


“My Minds Mine is back with some blistering old-skool grindcore in the vein of UK bands like Napalm Death and Heresy. We came up with the idea for the split LP during a weekend in May 2016. Sick of Stupidity and MMM played three shows together and both bands matched so well, that we decided to do a split. Shantia connected Andy from long running grindcore label, EveryDayHate and he couldn’t refuse the offer to release it.

“Both bands went into studio to record their side of the LP a couple of months later. A funny fact is My Minds Mine recorded way more songs that would fit on the 12”. They forgot we decided to do a 12” on 45rpm not 33rpm [laughs]. So, besides the split LP with Suffering Quota, which is already out, they will release a split EP/LP with another band in the future. Watch out for that one!

“About the split LP: My Minds Mine blows you away with ultra fast and brutal grindcore. The sound of their side is very cool. Great bass sound, shredding guitar work and a great drum sound. All together with the ‘one tone’ screams of Rosco, it makes their side of the split unique. Except for one song, all songs are short, fast and loud. I’ve been a fan of My Minds Mine since the end of ‘90s. We played some shows together with bands that were active at that time, bands like Betercore, Tuco Ramirez, Mihoen!, Skulls and Flames and Scumbrigade. All those bands are memories from the past, so it’s super-nice, that after a ten year hiatus, MMM are back on track again! For fans of old-skool grindcore, this LP is a must. 48 reasons to buy this album!” -Joop Van Reede (vocals, Sick of Stupidity)


And for our mysterious cadre of European readers (we know you’re out there!), here’s what’s happening for each band on the live circuit.

Upcoming My Minds Mine and Sick of Stupidity shows:

24.02 Heerenveen (NL) – Musykfabryk

16.03 Antwerp (B) – Music City

17.03 Ede (NL) – Poppodium

07.04 Eindhoven (NL) – Dynamo

28.04 Erica (NL) – Pitfest

26.05 Torgau (DE) – Grind the Nazi Scum

07.09 London (UK) – Chimpyfest

17.11 Arnhem (NL) – Willemeen


Upcoming Sick of Stupidity shows:

26.01 Haarlem (NL) – Patronaat café

03.02 Berlin (DE) – Jugendclub Linse

16.03 Antwerp (B) – Music City

17.03 Ede (NL) – Poppodium

25.03 Rotterdam (NL) – Baroeg

26.05 Mierlo (NL) – Skinfest

24.08 Andernach (DE) – Deathfeast Openair

25.08 Praha (CZ) – Fekalparty

29.09 Tubingen (DE) – 5 years of Blastphemy



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