Track Premiere: Demonomancy – ‘The Last Hymn to Eschaton’

For their sophomore album, Rome’s Demonomancy could’ve recorded a carbon copy of their incredible debut album and, undoubtedly, few would gripe after hearing it. Instead, the trio will release Poisoned Atonement, a fully-immersive tour through the Inferno in eight parts. Having already distinguished themselves from the cloven hordes of latter day Blasphemites and the myriad practitioners of Profanatical Black Witchery, with Poisoned Atonement, Demonomancy will come to stand head and mighty horns above their peers.

“Our songs often deal with the theme of human’s duality,” reveals Witches Whipping, guitarist/vocalist of Demonomancy. “In particular, this song represents the nihilistic attitude towards the constant ‘solve-et-coagula’ in a person’s life, specifically when we are the makers of both our own creation and our own destruction. We spend a lot of time achieving things and suddenly, maybe without realizing it, we destroy them with our own actions.

“The feeling you get visualizing Emperor Nero burning his own empire to the ground perfectly fits the atmosphere of the song: you build an extremely majestic and powerful kingdom and one day you set it on fire, watching all your achievements and your loved ones burning with it. Then you look in the mirror and see the viper that is poisoning you towards self-destruction. This cycle culminates with the desire to see everything destroyed, watching Eschaton happen with a smile on your face.

“‘I never begged for redemption’, I worship Eschaton!’”

This is “The Last Hymn to Eschaton,” from Poisoned Atonement, available February 23rd from Invictus Productions.