Full Album Stream: Frost Giant – “The Harlot Star”

Frost Giant‘s debut album, The Harlot Star, is an ambitious undertaking. Their first full-length offering, which you can stream in its entirety below, Frost Giant dance through different sounds, from revelrous folk metal (with a heavy emphasis on the folk) to relentless melodic death metal to hardcore breakdowns.

The most impressive thing about The Harlot Star is how well Frost Giant transition from different sounds and passages on the album. From ripping solos to blast beat-driven portions to clean, acoustic passages, the band remain on point.

“Writing this over the last 7 years, recording it over a period of 6 months and waiting another 6 months to release it has been the most excruciating exercise in patience I’ve ever undertaken, but it was totally worth the wait,” expresses Frost Giant singer/guitarist Matt Frost.

The Harlot Star is out tomorrow, January 19, on Transcending Records.