Track Premiere: Anguish – “Blessed Be the Beast”

No silence is safe on an Anguish record. No reprieve is long-lived. After a brief foreboding hum, vocalist/bassist J. Dee’s snarl stabs out of the abyss in “Blessed Be the Beast.” In the second track from Anguish’s upcoming third LP (Magna est vis Siugnah) the Swedish riff sorcerers plunge into the depths of old school death-doom. Like 2014’s Mountain and their Through the Archdemon’s Head debut, Anguish supernaturally balance menace and morose melodies. After the first act change at 1:49, the song invokes heaviness of both the past and present, bridging the gap between Candlemass and Hooded Menace. Later at 5:30, the lurching hook of the track’s first act returns for a brutalizing crescendo. Anguish slyly reveal the song’s Ouroboran structure, bookending their offering with grit and groove. Now over a decade into their reign of chaos, Magna est vis Siugnah reflects Anguish at the top of their dark powers.

Press play below and exclusively stream Anguish’s “Blessed be the Beast” before Magna est vis Siugnah‘s January 26th release date from High Roller Records. Chaos reigns.

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