Full Album Stream: Anarchos – “Invocation Of Moribund Spirits”

Those who prefer their death metal to sound like a chainsaw to the face and to feel like a jackhammer pulverizing the spinal column will do well to check out this Netherlands-based outfit. While Anarchos is a relatively young band, the men behind it are inveterate purveyors of the macabre and the obscure. Death metal is a lifestyle for these maniacs, yet Invocation Of Moribund Spirits reeks of freshly spilled guts. Because although the players behind Anarchos are seasoned and deeply knowledgeable regarding this deadly practice, and while the entirety of Anarchos’ debut is straightforward, no gimmicks death worship, these nine tracks each pounce and pummel with an unrelenting energy.

Fiends for Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Skinless, etc. will find Anarchos absolutely indispensable. If silencing your thoughts with deranged death metal riffs wrapped in veritable barbed wire and festooned with festering bits of entrails and chunks of brain is what it takes to get you through your day without screaming, then Invocation Of Moribund Spirits is an early contender for your album of the year.

Invocation Of Moribund Spirits is our take on how death metal should be, raw, obscure and drenched in darkness,” says Martin The music is a long-lived journey to the sewers of hell. We captured that in the sound and complemented the lyrics to the music. The lyrical content deals with death, decay and the obscure.”

Available this Friday from Blood Harvest on CD and vinyl, this is Invocation of Moribund Spirits.