Track Premiere: Barren Womb — “Crook Look”

Ever wonder what it would sound like if classic Jesus Lizard and Shellac tracks got tossed into the metalli-meat grinder with some latter day Refused?

Okay, we didn’t either, but Barren Womb gave it to us anyway and the Norway duo’s dissonant clang clang n’ shout is pretty goddamn catchy even as its twists and turns lure you toward pulverizing crescendos.

The band’s latest full-length Old Money, New Lows isn’t out until February — preorder here — but we’ve got an exclusive premiere of album opener “Crook Look” for you below.

“We are being robbed,” vocalist/guitarist Tony Gonzalez tells Decibel, by way of providing a little background on the track. “Robbed of our attention. Robbed of our privacy. Robbed of our time. Robbed of our hopes and our dreams. Robbed of our joy and our victories. Robbed of every basic human right. Robbed of our home and our future. Crook Look is a song about breaking and entering. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”