Track Premiere: Come Back From the Dead — “Caro Data Vermibus

If you want a perfect distillation of the diverse and grotesque aural punishment meted out via the latest epic splatter platter by Spanish death metallers Come Back From the Dead, the band’s vocalist is more than happy to oblige:

Caro Data Vermibus is a crawling squirm of meat to be given to the worms,” Paul tells Decibel. “A septic declaration of intentions of Come Back From the Dead in the morbid lurking of their own rotten sound, including a first dish of vomits, a second coming of cadavers with a carnivorous craving irrigated in an endless bloodshed to quench their own thirst of old school death metal.”

In other words, if you want nasty, you got it…

Check out an exclusive premiere of the EP’s title track below and then preorder the Transcending Obscurity full course here.