Track Premiere: BongCauldron’s ‘Bury Your Axe in the Crania of Lesser Men’

Photo by John White

Describing themselves as “intoxicating party sludge,” UK antagonists BongCauldron deal fuzzy riffs that reek of fat spliffs. Maybe there are some squares out there whose idea of a party doesn’t include axe attacks and drinking the blood of your enemies. You know, standard pub shenanigans. But the sentiment’s right at home in the skull-splitting groove of “Bury Your Axe in the Crania of Lesser Men,” a new track off the band’s upcoming record Binge (out November 30th on APF Records).

One of Binge‘s grooviest slow burns, the song features the monstrousl Skyhammer Studio guitar tone from its first cymbal crash. Like slow ‘n’ heavy British contemporaries Gurt and Iron Witch, BongCauldron deliver your sloshed-night soundtrack with a smirk.

Scroll below and check out thoughts from the band on food/beverages/substances to pair with BongCauldron’s sludgy groove, as well as their favorite cinematic axe-murders. But first, get cozy near your favorite burial mound, press play, and prep your skull for bludgeoning with some weed/witchcraft/weedcraft worship.

Binge totally crushes, a testament to both the riffs and to Chris Fielding’s production. Any stories from the experience of recording out in Skyhammer Studios?

Corky (bass): Since it was 15 months ago and I have a pretty bad memory at the best of times, the amount of Tyskie being consumed doesn’t really help out with any anecdotes. We had some good laughs as always, and probably drove Chris mad with our stupid shit. But he’s a total don, he got us playing the best we could and made it sound heavy as shit.

Biscuit (guitar): Chris is a legend, and made us sound like we know what we’re doing. We weren’t getting nasty enough feedback during the recording, so he had me in the live room with the full Conan cab back line getting as much feedback as possible. Proper gut wobbler.

Jay (drums): Dave [Rowlands] from PIST joined us and decided to sleep stark-bollock naked. I woke up hungover as shit to him stumbling around claiming he needs chocolate which completely threw me. Actually turns out he was having a diabetic crash which apparently means you can’t put your pants on. Tackle all over the shop.

What drinks/food/drugs would you recommend listeners enjoy during the song’s 252 seconds?

Corky: The blood of an enemy, the leg of a bison, and whatever shrooms the Viking berserkers used to take. In that order.

Biscuit: Homer Chicken, Leeds’ finest fried chicken establishment would have been the perfect accompaniment. Unfortunately, due to their inability to improve a zero star hygiene rating, they shut down. Hygiene is over-rated.

Jay: A bottle of bleach, porridge, and 252 beta-blockers.

I understand this track is about your tour bus driver. What about him inspired you to write this song?

Corky: Everything about him. He’s a heavy metal archaeologist who would always point out ancient burial mounds and historical sites as we passed them. One day he took us to the largest hill fort in Europe, which was genuinely an incredible experience, since I’m really into ancient history myself. He’s a powerful guy and the best dude to have driving a bunch of drunken idiots around the country.

The axe has a proud history as a top weapon choice in horror films. What’s your favorite horror film scene featuring an axe murder?

Corky: I don’t really watch horror movies so I couldn’t name one. There’s an axe kill to the spine in Donnie Brasco that’s pretty cool.

Biscuit: Has to be American Psycho just for Huey Lewis and the News.

Jay: The Shining when Jack murders that door.

You’re going to have an album release show in Leeds on December 9th. What can audience members who’ve never seen you perform expect from y’all live?

Corky: Disappointment. Loud disappointment.

Biscuit: Pissed-up sweat box, no doubt. Fenton is a quality dive venue, last time we played there we didn’t even advertise it but the gig was rammed and it went off. Leeds!

What’s planned for BongCauldron beyond 2017?

Corky: We’re starting to book a load of gigs in for the start of next year. Gig offers have been flying in since the album was announced which is great, and we’d also like to do a UK/Euro tour at some point. But we’re way too disorganized and lazy to have anything in place yet.

Biscuit: Planning a tour that might never happen, and writing a new album that’ll come out when we’re 40.

Jay: We’ve been talking about the possibility of rehearsing, but we’ll have to see what happens.