10 Great Songs About Eating

Every holiday season has its own hallmarks, the things that you identify with the time to make it complete and recognizable. Valentine’s Day has its ill-advised first dates, Saint Patrick’s day has its ill-advised consumption of Irish Carbombs, Christmas has its ill-advised decision to ever voluntarily listen to Christmas music. Others, like Halloween, are just awesome. It’s definitely the most “metal” holiday of the year, depending on your taste in costumes and movies. But what about Thanksgiving? Debates about its historical origins aside, it’s mostly about eating ill-advised amounts of great food. You might think there’s nothing very “metal” about that.


There are so many great songs about eating, from eating dead flesh, to eating living flesh, to even having your own living flesh be eaten by something else! It’s a very diverse subject! But rather than have you claw your way through Metal Archives, wasting your time one every 12th-tier gore-grind band you’ll find by typing “eating” into the search field, I’ve decided to gather up some prime cuts. So dig in, you’ll need these to help you next week: whether you’re trying to digest that last bite of stuffing you’re pretending not to regret, or when you need to step outside for a moment to avoid your uncle who you keeps trying to talk to you about the national anthem.

Slayer- “Piece By Piece”

Repulsion- “Eaten Alive”

Cannibal Corpse- “Edible Autopsy”

Carcass- “Exhume to Consume”

Bloodbath- “Eaten”

Exhumed- “Your Funeral, My Feast”

Broken Hope- “Blood Gullet”

Putrid Pile- “The Ingestion of Humankind”

Misfits- “Braineaters”

Blood Freak- “Gobble Up Your Guts Part 2: Revenge of the Turkey Monster”

Yes, that last one is real. And yes, it’s about a turkey dismembering and devouring people who are watching kitschy horror movies at the drive in. I know Blood Freak makes less comical death metal now (the new album totally rips), but thank the gods they once did stuff like this!