Track Premiere: House of Low Culture — “The Pervasive Mind”

After a four year absence, Aaron Turner and wife/Mamiffer collaborator Faith Coloccia finally slap a new coat of sonic paint on the House of Low Culture in the form of the gloriously eerie, wholly immersive track “The Pervasive Mind,” which will see release as part of a four-way split with Daniel Menche, Caustic Touch, and EMS on December 15 via Accident Prone.

“As House of Low Culture, we feel very lucky to be part of a Northwestern network of artists that is creating highly idiosyncratic and emotionally compelling music,” the visionary Isis/Old Man Gloom/Sumac/Mamiffer/Unionsuit trailblazer tells Decibel. “These artists all have a defined personality and sharp focus, yet none fit neatly into a specific musical category. There’s a shared interest in texture, noise, drone and uncanny atmosphere. Yet none of those descriptors covers our collective output. In essence this split can be summed up this way: A bunch of friends with shared creative ideologies who’ve made something that showcases our voices, a moment in time and space, and also emphasizes our interest in fostering a supportive and progressive community.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of “The Pervasive Mind” below as well as the press release explaining how this unique project came to fruition.

In early 2016, the artists on this record played together at Portland’s High Water Mark Lounge as Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner), Daniel Menche, Caustic Touch, and EMS. Throughout the months that followed, the artists grew closer, and continued to play together in a variety of configurations and acts, so this 4-way split eventually came into existence. The result is a beautiful, haunting, and extraordinarily cohesive assemblage of experimental noise that stands as a testament to the friendship, respect, and artistic vision these artists share.