Full Album Stream: Sacrilegious Rite “Summoned From Beyond”

Sacrilegious Rite

Formed in 2009, Germany’s Sacrilegious Rite (featuring ex-members of Capitis Damnare and Bael) bubbled up from the ever-dark Underworld with spiteful intent. The group’s debut EP, Sexual Blood Rites–a split with Teutonic legends Ungod–scarred the Continental landscape upon its 2011 release. Now, six years (and several EP/splits) later, the Germans have returned with their debut full-length, Summoned From Beyond, on Dunkelheit Produktionen. Violent, murky, dark, uncompromising, Summoned From Beyond treads through dead-eyed Beherit, bespiked Sarcófago, and gutsfuck Mayhem territory, a place imbued with malice and hate and crepuscular creatures. To wit, Sacrilegious Rite aren’t keyboard-driven, melody-driven, nor do they support the use of label-mandated special guests. Summoned From Beyond is tried and true black metal from an era gone.

Says Sacrilegious Rite, in a unified statement, of Summoned From Beyond: “As years went by, the creature your holding now [Summoned From Beyond], took form and developed itself to what it is today. We started out a long time ago and moved to this final step. We’ve seen people come and go and we’ve seen inside the hearts of man. Summoned From Beyond is an opus which grew like a tree under a tombstone as we all know that a ‘trend infested’ scene makes it difficult for you to go your way. But we made it and this is the result. It’s a journey into the abyss as it deals with forces beyond this world. It’s a sacrilege and has not been giving birth to by anything mortal, moral or mundane!”

Follow Sacrilegious Rite into the inky void. It’s time to suffer… with the full album stream of Sacrilegious Rite’s Summoned From Beyond.

** Sacrilegious Rite’s new album, Summoned From Beyond, is out November 13th on Dunkelheit Produktionen. Pre-order CD (HERE), red LP (HERE), and black LP (HERE). Check out other Dunkelheit Produktionen as well (HERE).