Track Stream/Premiere: Odious Icon’s Planet of Immense Decay

Tomorrow sees the Negative Vibe Records release of Planet of Immense Decay, the debut album from thrash/death newcomers, Odious Icon. The Norwegian three-piece call Oslo home and have made it their mission to combine the 80s thrash they grew up on with the sounds of pulverizing death metal, homegrown black metal and, as you’ll discover when dig deeper into the album, tinges of noise rock and spastic metallic hardcore. Today, we’re offering up the album’s lead-off and title track for your listening consideration. As the band is as serious about conveying a lyrical message about the state of the world and its ungrateful inhabitants as they are about metaphorically cutting off heads with sound, we asked them to tell us what they felt the public needed to know about the track in question. Says drummer Markus Harsem:

“‘Planet of Immense Decay’ is about how the Earth is going to hell while greed is stronger than the willingness to save the planet. The lyrics are about a mother/father killing her/his child because the world is not worthy of its existence. It was actually written quite fast by Markus Harsem and [guitarist] Richard Skustad, but at the time we had a few people in the band that weren’t as motivated as we are, and they struggled to learn it. It wasn’t until [bassist/vocalist] Daniel Flygh came along that we really felt this song came to its place. We used this as our title track because we are really happy with this song and we feel like the lyrics and title really bring a clear message. The world is rotting in front of our eyes.”

Check it out. Additional links below.

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