Full Album Stream: Ubiquity – “Forever/Denied”

Bands have been mixing hardcore with black metal for a long time. Acts like Young and in the Way and Moral Void have made names for themselves with blistering fusions of the two genres, but few bands have combined the genres like Italy’s Ubiquity have.

By adding in hearty doses of sludge, post-metal and even blackgaze into the mix, Forever/Denied, the band’s second album, is an effort of large proportions. Throughout the album’s five songs, Ubiquity slip between sounds gracefully and cohesively.

“This album represents the last piece before the void generated by losing ourselves through life sickness,” Ubiquity tell Decibel. “The key is the hope, that ray of light which is both illusion and strength, showing us the chance to get back our forgotten feelings. It’s upon us doing the next step to take back our destiny in our own hands as our true and only masters.

“The lyrics reflect this moment of passage as a preamble to a negative consequence, a failure leading to the miserable abyss of anguish and depression. We used a few words but particularly touching, leaving the ending to a polysemous sentence: ‘I’m not like the others.’ This could sound like a positive reaction to that state of anguish, like a rediscovered will and decision to face life and its obstacles. It could also sound negatively as if uniqueness could be interpreted as a mistake leading to a distressful mantra.”

Forever/Denied is due out October 29 on UK label Third I Rex, but you can enjoy a full stream now.