Full Album Stream (and Commentary): Facada’s Nenhum Puto de Atitude

Before their Nenhum Puto de Atitude covers album showed up on my doorstep, I knew very little about Facada. After spinning the collection of fiery renditions of some of their favourite songs, I took it upon myself to learn more about the band. Here’s some of what I discovered: Facada hail from Fortelaza, Ceará, Brazil; they’ve been around since 2003; as well as three full-lengths, there are a number of demos, EPs, splits and even a live video kicking around as part of their discography; their moniker translates to ‘stab’ in English; also, I have a sticker of theirs I’m presently using as a bookmark in a book I’m reading, though I have no recollection as to how this sticker came into my possession.

Nehum Puto de Atitude is described by their label (Everyday Hate) as “17 pissed as fuck tributes to underground legends” and that’s pretty much spot on. So, while you’re giving each of the band’s renditions a whirl courtesy the stream below, check out what the band’s bassist/vocalist, Carlos James has to say about each of the selections below that. And below that are the necessary links to the band and label.

Unleashed – “Where No Life Dwells”
This was the last song we chose and it was done so by chance. It was me and Danyel (guitar) at his house and we always listen to this recording our personal playlist. Everyone in the band thinks it’s a death metal classic. So, as soon as we played this Unleashed album, we looked at each other and immediately thought, “we intro the album with this song!”

Impaled Nazarene – “Coraxo”
Since the beginning of the band, we’ve been playing this song and we think that the Impaled Nazarene has a very strong punk/grindcore vibe, so it was natural to choose. This song is pure devastation and hate: fast and raw as fuck.

Dorsal Atlântica – “Dor”
We decided that half of the album would consist of Brazilian bands being covered and Dorsal Atlântica had to be present. The album that contains this song, Straight, although many people do not think it’s cool, we dig it a lot. It is the band’s punkest and rawest album. And the lyrics are awesome. “Take this pain away, take this pain away from me”

Blasphemy – “War Command”
Just like Impaled Nazarene, Blasphemy has this mix of black metal, punk and grindcore rawness. We always wanted to see how Facada would play a song of theirs, as well as being fans of the band’s records and the guys’ real posture of staying true to the past and absolute nihilism with no compromise. They created a style, very true to their influences and lifestyle.

Bad Brains – “Sailin’ On”
I don’t remember exactly how we chose this song. Certainly in a band practice after we were smoking some pot. Bad Brains was certainly one of the covers with the biggest expectations for us to see how it would sound after being recorded. We’ve always loved Bad Brains and this record is certainly one of the best records ever done. We had never played or rehearsed the song before recording it. I think it was the first time ever that we had played a hardcore song such as this one.

Endoparasites – “Day of Carcass”
One of the coolest bands in Brazil in the 90’s was the Endoparasites. They were one of the first bands with the splatter/gore vibe here in Brazil. They released only one album and recently a compilation with demos and material that was never released. For the song we covered, the original drummer had to rewrite the lyrics, as they did not have it on the demo tape and had no register of the lyrics anywhere. The song was pretty much fading away. It’s a morbid song, but it has a different groove.

Rot – “Rubbish Country”
The first grindcore record I ever listened to was the 7″ from Rot, called Almighty God, and this song is the first one of the EP. I’ve always loved the production of this EP: wonderful and raw. It was one of the hardest to learn how to play, but we think it’s one of the best we could choose to cover. It does not sound like a typical Rot song, it has a lot of influences from Fear of God, Napalm Death and Sarcofágo.

Nirvana – “Tourette’s”
Everyone in the band likes Nirvana, especially In Utero. And it was not too difficult to pick one of its songs. That song has a sincere rage and a false innocence. We wanted to make it even more indigestible, noisy and against all the things Nirvana had conquered as a band but, at the same, time they could not deal with: establishment and the mainstream.

Napalm Death – “Cause and Effect”
As a matter of honor, moral and aesthetic debt and out of love, we had to record a Napalm Death track. If we could say a song that would represent our band ideals, this is it. We are fans of all eras, but we believe that in this EP they were able to reach that crucial point between death metal and grindcore. Perfect!

Mukeka di Rato – “Maconha”
“Maconha” means ‘weed’ in Portuguese. Mukeka di Rato is one of the most influential hardcore punk bands in Brazil. We really like the lyrics, the music, the record and the guys. In addition, we could kiss some ass of one of our “bosses” (Mozine, of Läjä Records) who is the bass player of the band.

Misfits – “Demonomania/Hybrid Moments”
Misfits was one of the bands that we most wanted to cover and check how it would sound done in our way. We wanted to transform the songs, to make them faster and heavier, but without losing the punk essence and not deforming them too much. “Demonomania” had already been rehearsed once and the idea was to make it faster, but on “Hybrid Moments” we wanted to do something different so we recruited a good friend of ours, Zé Misanthrope (Omfalos [omfalos.bandcamp.com] and A Peste [apeste.bandcamp.com]) to actually SING on it with a clean voice. I believe this version is the one that will shock the most people for the melodic edge we put on it.

Headhunter D.C. – “Death Vomit”
In the 1990’s, the scene and information we had access to here in Brazil was very limited. The international records would arrive here with years of delay and often they were extremely expensive too. But to compensate it, many Brazilian bands were magnificent. One of them was Headhunter D.C., who in the first album released a very original death metal record and had a unique Brazilian death metal edge to it. Raw, minimalist and with a lot of grindcore mixed into it. We took one of the fastest songs on that record.

Ratos de Porão – “Traidor”
We’ve always been fans of Ratos de Porão, one of the oldest bands in the Brazilian scene. That went through many different eras sounding different from one record to the other, but always doing it with passion and without ever losing their essence. We’ve had already done a cover of them, but this one is very special: besides being perfect, it was the first song that our guitarist learned how to play.

Sarcófago – “Deathrash”
Everything on this album has a reason to be. In Brazil, in the 80’s there was a famous feud between Ratos de Porão and Sarcófago at a D.R.I. gig in São Paulo. The guys in the bands traded punches, chain strikes and even one D.R.I. roadie got his arm broken in the process. So, we decided to put the two bands side by side on our album. Sarcófago’s music had an animosity and fury that was unprecedented at the time. That band is so influential. They have set the bar for what is considered to be extreme music to this day. They are respected and worshipped worldwide in the underground. And of course we love the lyrics in broken English: “If you are false, don’t entry!”

Husker Du – “Obnoxious”
Husker Du has always been a very original band in all of their phases. The riffs were always different and the beats never followed a line, they were kind of proggy. This particular song, although short has some kind of genius thing going on in the riffs and beats. It was a challenge to learn it and make it sound like us. And as they have said once: “No matter who it is, a good hardcore riff is always going to be a good hardcore riff.” Plus, we really identify with the lyrics: “Say we play too fast/The music’s not gonna last/Well, I think you’re wrong.”

Titãs – “Igreja”
Titãs is a very old and well-known band here in Brazil. They have thousands of mainstream releases, but this 1986 record in particular (Cabeça Dinossauro) has many cool songs with a punkish vibe in both songs and lyrics. Sepultura had already made a version of “Polícia” from that same record and the lyrics of “Igreja” (‘Church’) are almost black metal-ish. The riff of the beginning is very sticky and we tried to make it sound punkier. We did a tribute to Impaled Nazarene in the end of the song that only those who really know the band will get it.

“I do not like priests.
I do not like the mother superior
I do not like the brothers
I do not like the bishops
I do not like Christ
I do not say amen
I do not put up a nativity scene
I do not like the vicar
Neither the six o clock mass
I do not like the rosary
I do not like the crib.
Nor Jesus of Bethlehem
I do not like the Pope
I do not believe in grace
From God’s Miracle
I do not like church.
I do not go to church.”

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