Full Album Stream: Buried Realm – ‘The Ichor Carcinoma’

Technically, Buried Realm is the solo project of Josh Dummer, but on debut release The Ichor Carcinoma, he’s calling in the big guns to help him out. Featuring an exhaustive list of prominent metal musicians including current and former members of Arch Enemy, Cannabis Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Wintersun, Firewind, Septicflesh and more.

Given that The Ichor Carcinoma has so many guests, it stands to reason that it has a diverse sound, ranging from hyper-speed solos, breakdowns, a mixture of screams and clean singing and more, but at the end of the day, it can be classified as an impressive melodic death metal debut.

The Ichor Carcinoma is a technical and melodic death metal record featuring several household names among the metal community,” Dummer says. “After years of hard work, diligence and patience, I am absolutely proud to release this album and excited for everyone to listen. A big thank you to the people who support Buried Realm.”

Stream The Ichor Carcinoma below, and pre-order it here.