Track Premiere: Belus – ‘Avarice’

If Frank Zappa enlisted a grimy-as-fuck black metal band to help him score a surrealist 70s horror flick it might sound a bit like “Avarice,” the reality refracting track we’re exclusively premiering below today from Belus, which boasts Woe guitarist Matt Mewton and Mortals bassist/vocalist Lesley Wolf amongst its ranks. Brooklyn (dark)power trio’s debut full-length Apophenia drops October 13, courtesy Vendetta Records.

“We’d prefer to leave the interpretation of the album and its meaning to the listener,” Belus drummer Jacques Johnson tells Decibel. “The song titles should be a starting point, but an overarching theme or thesis would be difficult to pinpoint. Each song, both lyrically and sonically, takes on different themes and meanings for each member of the band. Interpretation is an act of creation; an idea that’s very much a part of the record.

“The loose concept behind the album is more or less tied to the title Apophenia—a term that describes the human tendency to seek patterns in random information and assign unnecessary meaningfulness or importance to them,” he continues. “In the late 1950’s, it was a term coined to help describe the beginning stages of schizophrenia. It’s also a term applied to various schools of magical thinking and the occult.”

Also check out this teaser music video helmed by Jakub Moth at Chariot of Black Moth:

Band photo: Suren Karapetyan