Full Album Stream: WORWS – “Truth to Power”

Portland hardcore punk/grindcore outfit WORWS are reacting to the environment around them: drug abuse, gentrification in the city they call home and general social wrongs. The end result is their new album, Truth to Power, a blistering social commentary that will have you taking up arms (or musical instruments) against authority in no time flat.

Songs like “Belfast” highlight WORWS’ penchant for playing fast, while tracks like “Love to Hate” settle into a solid groove without ever slowing down enough to ruin the moment. WORWS offer a considered explanation of the album:

“We’re excited to finally have the Truth to Power album available for fans because it’s a starting point to action. We’re excited to see where the album goes and the types of dialogue it brings up between people of all walks of life. Truth To Power is an anthem to the tired, the sick, the homeless the poor and to the racially oppressed dealing with indoctrinated rules that exist to keep certain people’s from rising up and changing the way things work to better our society. Realizing the polarity of what it means to have privilege, the album is our attempt of using privilege to help others understand that we all live together and most certainly suffer together.

“We want to send a huge thank you to both everyone who made this album happen and to Decibel for hosting the premiere of our release. It’s an honor and very humbling!”

WORWS will unleash Truth to Power on Friday, September 22. You can get it on Bandcamp.