Talkin ‘Bout Flex: Today is the Day

Since Issue #75, Decibel has brought you left-of-center b-sides, rarities, live recordings and new songs from top-tier metal bands via the outstanding Flexi Series. Want to hear the stories behind these recordings? Read on.

At Decibel, we know that once in a while everyone needs to let loose, get nasty and release some personal pressure by flinging shit everywhere.  We have provided that opportunity with this month’s cover story, in which an unpretentious, musically talented woman says right to your face, “I never said, ‘I’m a black metal artist.'”  Sure, some of our readers are open-minded enough to really give Myrkur an attentive listen, but wouldn’t you rather just rant about Amalie Bruun’s outrageous misappropriation of your music?

On the flipside, surely nobody can argue about the metal pedigree of that issue’s Flexi artist, Today is the Day.  Except the Encyclopaedia Metallum, I guess, since none of Steve Austin’s deranged blasphemies are apparently sick enough to make the cut over there.  I’m sure they have their reasons, though Austin’s audience can rest uncomfortably on ten of their own reasons that Today is the Day has often represented the best that ugly music has to offer.  And we’re approaching the release of the band’s eleventh monstrosity.  You can celebrate that fact by pushing play on our stream of the Flexi exclusive, “Parasite,” below, grab a copy of the issue with the vinyl and check out what Austin had to say about his participation in the series.

When were you approached to contribute to the Flexi Series?

Albert sent me an email a couple months ago, in May, and asked if I would be into doing the Flexi Series.

How did you choose “Parasite” for the Flexi?

“Parasite” was a really freaky track, very unique, and I wanted the song for the Decibel Flexi to be as original and unique as possible. I think it’s a perfect fit for the series.

When and where did you record the song?

I made the initial demo during the spring. We got together in the studio and recorded the rest of the song’s instruments in April. We recorded the song at my studio, AERM.

How much time and work did it take?

It took a long time. The song has some complicated sections and improvisational stuff that took experimenting around to get just right. Then I mixed down around 14 different mixes and decided I liked the first one best!

Was it part of your work on the new album?

Yes, it was. But I think we are going to keep the track exclusive to the Flexi Series.

Your Flexi is black with white lettering… What are your thoughts about the color choice?

I think it looks good. We are an underground band and we don’t need no flash.

Have you listened to other songs in the Flexi Series? 

No, I haven’t.

What is your favorite Flexi so far?

Today Is The Day’s “Parasite”.

Don’t be like Steve Austin.  Listen to all the other flexi songs here.