Full Album Stream: Seventh Genocide – “Toward Akina”

UK label Third I Rex has a taste for experimental metal as shown by their previous releases and their latest, Italian black metal group Seventh Genocide. Their latest album, Toward Akina, is an experimental black metal release that will likely appeal to fans of Pink Floyd as much as it will to fans of blast beats and throat shredding vocals.

A good example of what to expect on Toward Akina is the second track, “Life Is Poison,” which sees the band interlace psychedelia into mid-tempo black metal. Most of Seventh Genocide’s songs on this album stretch themselves to noticeable lengths, but Toward Akina doesn’t suffer for it.

“The result that we had in mind was an album able to offer mystical black metal sections played with a ‘70s attitudes, post-rock textures drenched by psychedelia and acoustic overtures,” Seventh Genocide collectively explain. “We worked with the idea of achieving this bizarre equilibrium of sounds for the whole recording process.”

You can now listen to the entirety of Toward Akina before a September release through Third I Rex in collaboration with WOOAAARGH and Chaotic Noise Prayers.