Track Premiere: Vasilek ‘Walk With Me’

Hot on the heels of the towering The Grand Annihilation, Tombs mastermind Mike Hill returns to walk us through another province of his ongoing aural apocalypse with his chilling dark ambient project Vasilek.

“I would like listeners to separate themselves from what they normally expect from music,” Hill tells Decibel. “These are not ‘songs’ in the sense that there is a verse, chorus, etcetera — they’re just shapes that I have projected my own thoughts onto. I would like the listener to let the music create an environment for them to reflect on their own experiences.

“I love writing songs,” he continues, “but there is a deeper meaning to sound and rhythm that connects to a more primitive mind that is buried deep in our consciousness. I feel that there is a pre-spoken language that resonates in the human psyche that Vasilek will communicate with. This is a more primal expression of ideas, like cave paintings. There is a lack of sophistication to the material that feels more direct to me.”

Those who would like to take a whack at accessing their own primitive mind are invited to check out the exclusive stream of Vasilek’s ‘Walk With Me’ below, taken from the forthcoming release The Dark Road, out August 25 on Translation Loss. (Preorder here.)

Photo by: Dante Torrieri of Useless Rebel Imaging