Track Stream/Premiere: Sweden’s Grande Royale Rock With Mellow Class

If you combine the amount of snakeskin and sideburns in the above photo with the fact that the bunch of us are mere human beings whose ears sometimes need a break from the calamitous noise of extreme music’s most extreme sounds, it’s not hard to figure that the band in the photo, Jönköping, Sweden’s Grand Royale, probably hail from the hard rocking ‘70s side of the musical spectrum. The band’s third and forthcoming album, Breaking News was recorded by Nicke [Entombed/Hellacopters] Andersson at his Honk Palace studio and, by all accounts, was created in a haze created by the things that usually create haze alongside healthy helpings of rock ‘n’ roll that fall somewhere between classic Motor City madness and chaw spittin’ southern rock.

Today we’re going to give you a break from sonic extremity, but still keep things hard and rocking, with a stream of a track from Breaking News entitled “R’N’R Business.” This should not only help take the edge off any hearing loss you may be experiencing, but also help to demonstrate how this band fits in with the long line of Swedish bands rocking out like they’re showcasing their wares at a Fourth of July picnic and playing under a row of now-considered-politically incorrect confederate flags.

Breaking News is set for release on August 25th on The Sign Records.

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