Full EP Stream: Gateway to Hell – ‘Clovers’

It’s time to open the Gateway to Hell with a full stream of Clovers, the Maryland doom quintet’s new EP. Throughout the EP, Gateway to Hell build a dark atmosphere but instead of creating a sense of claustrophobia, the band lets the songs breathe and get bigger.

“Most of the songs we write are based around inside jokes that eventually snowball into a twisted story backed by catchy riffs,” the band explain. “For instance, the title track started out as a reference to an episode of the show Review, where the main character has to go to jail with their imaginary friend named Clovers. From that joke, the song morphed into a reflection of the masks we wear to impress others, whether that be an uneasy performer onstage or an overwhelmed friend going through the motions of life. Clovers is equally inspired by the the life of Paul Stanley and your average childhood imaginary friend – both burdened to live up to the expectations of others in the face of the grim realities of life. Musically, we wanted to conjure the quiet before the show followed by the rush as the curtains get pulled. By the time the solo rolls around, you’re comfortable in your groove and have finally become the anticipated entertainment of the night. At the end of the song, the show’s over, and you’re left alone with your insecurities.”

Clovers is out on July 21 through Unholy Anarchy Records.  Stream it below, and get it here.