Believer’s Kurt Bachman on Piece-by-Piece Release of New Album

For fans of aggressive and progressive heavy metal Believer has been a great go-to band, both in their original incarnation in the late-80s/early 90s and since their return in the mid-2000s. This year, rather than release a new album all at once, the band has decided to release the album piece by piece. I reached out to Kurt Bachman so he could tell us a little more:

“Like many others, our prior albums were dictated by recording and release schedules that are very necessary for companies when it comes to budgets and marketing. Because of this, all songs were usually completely written and rehearsed to ensure efficiency in the studio. It has been 30 years since we released our first publicly available demo, so this time around for our 30th anniversary, we wanted to screw with that process and make it a year-long event. 

In regards to music and art, this is allowing us to creatively react to mixes, sounds, visual ideas and change things as the year progresses if necessary or rather as the story in our heads evolves. Having our own studios, gear and relationship with Michael Rosner (Eye Level Studio) has made this possible. Plus, this schedule allows us to market throughout the year on our very limited budget. Early next year, we will then put out a physical product that includes these songs plus others. 

We’re pretty sure this is not the best business strategy, but we are having a blast and hopefully the few Believer fans that are out there will have fun with us too this year and early in 2018!”

At this point in the industry, I’m not really sure what a good business strategy would be anyway. So if Believer wants to give this method a try, more power to them. Plus, I think Cryptopsy has been doing the same thing, so they’re in good company!

Also, for you beer enthusiasts, Believer has also collaborated with Stoudts Brewery to develop the Believer Double Bock, so be sure to check that out while you jam on the tunes below.