Track Premiere: Desecresy unleash “Percussive Necromancy”

It’s been nearly eight years now since Slugathor, one of Finland’s greatest death metal bands, broke up. In those eight years, Tommi Grönqvist has wasted no time in reclaiming and protecting the Finnish death metal throne. Arguably, he won it back with Desecresy’s first album, Arches of Entropy, but there’s no denying the string of modern classics that have come out since, bearing the Desecresy standard.

What separates Desecresy’s latest album, The Mortal Horizon, from its four predecessors is the fact that Grönqvist wrote and performed it completely by himself. Besides that, The Mortal Horizon reigns as the darkest and the most brutal album released under the Desecresy name. If you were worried that Desecresy might have fallen victim to that crippling prog-death/post-metal blight that’s lately been wiping out death metal bands left and right then you need only to jam “Percussive Necromancy.” Rest assured, Desecresy remain enthralled with plumbing the lowest depths of madness and horror.

Get The Mortal Horizon August 14th from Xtreem Music.