Video Premiere: Get the Shot – ‘Hellbringer’

Canadian hardcore outfit Get the Shot bring a lot of energy to their music, utilizing call-and-response vocals, crushing metallic riffs and incendiary lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, you can check out the new lyric video for “Hellbringer” and read vocalist J-P Legacé’s thorough explanation of the song’s meaning, which takes inspiration from his view of world politics and heavy music’s role in an oppressive political climate.

‘’’Hellbringer’ was written as a reaction against the rise of the politics of fear and the proliferation of the hateful discourses that legitimate the logic of domination and exclusion in our contemporary societies,” Legacé says. “In a time where voluntary servitude and social indifference seem to be the dominant norm, I believe that the hardcore/metal culture has the duty to reaffirm its role as a social critic and to reiterate its solidarity towards the oppressed, the abused, the persecuted in order to not become the accomplice of the barbarity that afflicts us. And this is what this song is all about: a clear and distinctive call to eradicate all forms of oppression, to question our own propensity to inaction and to set fire to the foundations of a world built on the fear of difference.

“It is the concept of ‘’sadist nation’ that briefly appears in the song and that was originally brought up by Darkest Hour, a band which has always been a predominant influence for me, that inspired the lyrical theme of ‘Hellbringer’ in the beginning. With the actual rise of far-right politics and the multiplication of the manifestations of intolerance, no other conceptual construction in a metal song has described the decadent state of our contemporary societies better than this idea of ‘sadist nation’ and ‘Hellbringer’ was my humble artistic attempt to formulate a radical cure against that logic of unenlightened hatred which plagues our social fabric.”

New Damage Records will release Get the Shot’s Infinite Punishment on August 4. Pre-order it now.